Monday, September 12, 2005

Bundle-dipped fabrics

More EyeCandy. The weather lately has been gray, though the sun finally came out this weekend. I waited as long as I could.. but they still aren't as exciting as they could be. Still, eye candy is eye candy.
This is a gorgeous triple bundle-dipped piece. Rich and yummy. First I folded it into a tight square package and dipped one edge in blue and one in orange. After it was dry to the touch, folded the opposite way and dipped into the pink and purple. Lastly, folded it back originally and redipped it in the orange/blue (because the first time was too tight to get much absorption).

Even the back of the bundle dipped piece looks cool.. but I'm not sure why it's missing all the lines of the front.

This bundle-dipped piece was first tied in a spiral and dipped into orange. After this dried, it was folded and bundle-dipped into the purple. Then hung on the line to dry, forcing the colors to run and blend. This will be a great member of the supporting cast. Sorry for the wierd perspective in this piece.

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