Thursday, September 01, 2005

I have figured out my bad kharma...

I have figured out my bad kharma these past few days.

On Sunday last I found a brilliant blog where a guy was supporting the Kansas State Board of Education's stand on Intelligent Design. He also asked the board to support his hypothosis that the world was created by a giant space spaghetti monster. It's was his theory of Intelligent Design.. and one ID theory should be as good as another, right?? (someone please help me find his blog...)

Anyway, I sent members of the board additional notes supporting this theory. And all hell broke loose in my personal life. Either God is a Kansan... or she's for ID.

Anyway, to redeem my bad kharma, I worked on charity quilts today.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I took this from the top of the steps. It looked clear in the viewfinder. Bad kharma is so evil!!

This is the finished BLANKIE FOR GROWNUP quilt. It was fun... you piece large 9 patch blocks, cut them up and repiece them to make this.

Now this brings up another problem... I am occasionally a terrible piecer. Really. Ask my friends... they'll probably agree with me in the comments if they're brave.

Bad enough that if the quilt police ever located me, they would shoot my sewing machine to put it out it's misery for having to piece for me. (my god, it's a Pfaff with built in even feed! Can you imagine it's shame when it goes into the shop? "Your owner sews like you're a new Singer!")

See? I can be a horrible piecer. This spot is supposed to match up and it's off by atleast 1/4"!!

However, this quilt will be given to a woman starting chemo therapy (most likely for breast cancer). Do you think she'll complain? Will she throw it off her lap in total disgust? I think not.

So onward to the obligatory RockStar comments from Wednesday night. Interesting that they expanded it to an hour (again?). Question for those who watch this show....Who else wants to copy the images on the back wall and somehow use them in fiber? as stamps or screens or appliques?

JD is not showing well.. still singing OK, but the interpersonal dynamics are showing frayed edges. And Jordis didn't answer her "what will you bring" question very well. I just can't believe that they sent Ty home. Was the voting really racist?? I hope not.

I'm wondering if we've seen the 3 finalists (marty, mig and suzie) and the next ones to go home...

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