Monday, September 19, 2005

So people along the gulf lose their roofs..

and I get shingles!!

Ya know how I've been writing lately that I'm feeling a bit stressed?? (Have I actually written this??) Guess I was underestimating how stressed I felt. I've come down with a case of Shingles. And... even better... it's on my head/face!!

Now everyone repeat: DON'T SCRATCH, DON'T RUB, DON'T TOUCH. Not that doing those things will do anything significant.. but it just makes it hurt worse. And I suppose I could get another scar. Alrighty then...

I'm feeling a bit under the weather.. this is like a mild flu ... and my left eye is a bit swollen. So i won't be doing anything very energetic for the next couple days. Steve is in Europe (bringing me home Belgian chocolates).. so it's just me and the dogs. As long as they get fed and let out, they won't complain.

So I'll take it easy, and veg out...

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