Friday, September 23, 2005

Isn't this Better???

See, I've taken the notes from yesterday's post and made a few changes. Got rid of both wedge shapes, and turned them into their own circles. Moved a couple lines to eliminate a few of those awkward connection spots. Who can see the 2 weird spots in this picture? (hint: it's where circles meet). I've changed it in working.

I played with painting it, too. But once again, the paint I tried as a resist didn't.

I will need to talk to Dharma about what resist I need to get that will actually work as resist if I continue to use my sloppy, wet painting technique. Each circle is it's own color: blue, yellow, red, and green?? And the paint all blends at the overlaps... which I love.

I'm actually thinking of making this a large quilt piece. I've spent a whole lot of today thinking about how to make this... and whether where I choose to try and show it may influence how I try to construct it.

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