Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A silly quiz, a horoscope and RockStar

Blame this on Valeri and Gabrielle...

Congratulations, you're an old soul! You've lived
so many times, that you have experienced much
more than the rest of us. It's not certain what
you were in your last life, but you have
probably lived a life of them all. In your
present life, you are wise and knowledgeable,
very creative, and attract people to your
shining soul. Enjoy this life, who knows what
wonderous place you'll go to when it's ended.

My alternate responses (I couldn't decide between answers on a couple) said I had been a person in power. Just like DebR. (is it a name thing?)

And thanks to DebR... my HorroScope for September:

I like to rhyme with little Cancers, but all they want are some straight answers. Here's a hint, you fellow crabs.... don't mix your stripes with your plaids. Eat your fruits and grains and greens and don't get mad, just get mean. Toughen up that little shell and sometimes say "What the hell..." Take a chance, a risk, a wager and start living now instead of later. My last advice for you to take is to give yourself a worry-break. Oh-- and I promise I'm all through with silly, stinky rhymes for you. Heh. No, really, I am! (Green eggs and ham.) Whoops.

Gotta love someone who rhymes crabs and plaids!!

OK.. RockStar.

JD: I'm just tired of him. Or was just tired of the exercises I doing while he sang? My arms and shoulders should be firming up nicely. JD's position with the band shouldn't be.

Suzie: Had a couple small mistakes during "I Can't Make YOu Love Me..."but is still a strong vocalist. (sigh I am so old)... I liked her original and the fact that she dedicated it to my guy, Ty.

Mig: Lots of energy, but his voice sounded thin.

Jordis: Queen...Flaws in her voice, but good overall. And an original song that might be INXS. I liked her performance, but she's losing her fire.

Marty: Best performance of the night. Yeah.. his original was cool.

I only knew the songs that Suzie and Jordis sang.. so this was like a nearly original week for me.

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