Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Things are getting better...

Am I glad I was aware of what was happening to me (ie, the shingles). I knew on Saturday what was probably happening... but couldn't get in to a doctor until Monday. Still I got there early and on the meds early. While the meds only mean that I shouldn't have a whole lot of rash to deal with, when the nerve involved effects your eye, that's a good thing.

I think all those horoscopes telling me to worry less and eat better were right on. So folks listen to those horoscopes!! (Can you believe I'm writing that???). I also believe it's not coincidence that it struck when I knew I'd be home alone for 10 days. So I have no requirements except to relax and

So I'm taking things easier. I really don't feel too bad. I'm not too sick (you can get good flu-like symptoms), and the pain/itch thing seems to come and go. So I guess I have a light case. Thank Goodness.

Not very creative this week, though.

I am trying to enjoy the start of the new tv season. Watched How I Met Your Mother...cute but nothing special. My Name Is Earl: not as impressed as I wanted to be. Caught a couple of the new alien/mystery/long arc shows and was unimpressed so far. So at the moment, I guess I'm unimpressed.

Don't watch Survivor, and won't watch this round of Amazing Race... I liked the show at the beginning, but didn't particularly care about the people last year.. and families?? Nope. Not interested at all. But some of the old standby's are starting soon... hope they pick it up.

Now my final RockStar comments. Yeah, I wanted Marty to win, but after watching the show, JD will be a good fit. Mig wasn't every going to be their front man. And they only promise one record and one tour (something like a 1-2 year committment). I'm guessing the guys can knock some maturity into JD in that time. Wonder what the contract will say in the way of his compensation?

Didn't everyone really want to hear what the band was saying when they were deliberating?

But asking for people to send in their tapes already for a show next summer?? who will that singer be working with?

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