Monday, September 05, 2005

I am renewed.

I am renewed.

--I spent Friday evening with some friends... sitting around the table noshing and visiting.. laughing and sharing.

--I made a small piece for Laura's fundraiser.. and found a few journal quilt pieces that I will enter, too. If they sell, all good... if they don't they go back on the shelf where they were. Others that I don't feel are quite worthy of her prices will be put up for sale on my alternate blogsite this week for $30 each, with proceeds going to the Humane Society.

--The piece I envisioned the other night needs more mental construction before I can get it out into the world... It will be a before/after piece.. but I want it more abstract than that sounds.

--I'm getting obsessive about the American League Wild Card race. If you don't have an emotional attachment here, please pull my Indians.

--Made breakfast one morning. I mean.. not just eat cereal or leftovers... I made French Toast, bacon and sprinkled some fresh raspberries over it. Even brought out the real Maple Syrup. Pretty. Later, I made vanilla pudding with soymilk to enjoy with more of those raspberries.

--Watched a few mindless movies.

--Did some work in the garden.

--Walked the dogs. Or they walked me. Accurately we walked together.


--Watched TV, yes. US Open Tennis.

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