Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wednesday's Work

This is the second experiment painting on fabric. (initially I'm calling this The Jury is Out... cause the sketch came from my day on jury dury). This is the one with the potato-starch resist, that didn't work as well as I had hoped. But I hadn't posted a photo of it yet. After taking this picture, I cut the piece up into 3 sections, they are small but the composition on each seems to be better. Still don't know if I will do anything with them, except maybe making postcards from them. I'm not terribly with their look.

And this is a doodle that I painted up a several weeks ago. It needed re-doing; there are major flaws with the design. So this morning I started working on this just before I took part in a conversation about the parts of ourselves we show publicly online/ hide from strangers online.

I sketched throughout the conversation... letting the ideas of the conversation influence what I added and took away from the sketch (is this like a living rorshach test?). The result of that hour is started here: Living at the Intersection of "US" and "THEM". This isn't the final sketch, though, as I see several lines that still need to be changed in this. Then deciding how to color it.

I've noticed that I usually name my work based on what I was thinking/doing/seeing at the time that I worked on the piece. Doesn't effect anything in the work.. doesn't give it meaning to anyone except myself. But it's kind of a shorthand to help me remember. Like documenting what's going on in my head.

And to document what's going on ON my head... (and no, I haven't joined the Self-Portrait Tuesday stuff)... here's a photo of my shingles. Fuzzy to protect the easily nauseous. They DO look like chicken pox, though, don't they?

Went out to supper tonight... spicy Thai eggplant that made my nose run (in a good way)... and coconut milk icecream to cool that heat. Then an evening of season premiere tv...

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