Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Menu Exchange...

This is NOT a recipe exchange (I hope).. just ideas for fast suppers. In my case, it's primarily aimed at the two adult house.. but it might be occasionally adaptable for other kinds of houses.

So this week:

Monday: Romaine salad with raspberries and Newman's raspberry/walnut dressing(yum) Whole wheat pasta, Prego spaghetti sauce and 6 frozen meatballs each cooked in the sauce. Total cooking time: about 25 minutes.

Tuesday: Fresh garden greens with Orange/poppyseed dressing and slivered almonds. A grilled polish sausage (steve's with mustard) with green veggies (brussel sprouts for me, lima beans for steve) and fresh fruit for dessert. Total cooking time: about 20 minutes.

Wednesday will be grilled chicken (with extra pieces to be used for luncheon salads later this week)...a salad and some kind of veggie.

(are we sensing a trend here?? Yep. I cook most of my suppers in less than a half hour. And most of them are grilled meat, a salad and a veggie with some fruit for dessert).

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