Thursday, September 22, 2005

Explanation of Living/medical lesson/and a sports rant...

People have asked what needs to be changed on this sketch. So I'll say what I see "wrong". This is good for me to verbalize my thoughts.

On the left hand side, there is an "archy-wedge" that starts near the center and moves toward the upper lefthand edge. That shape to me works against moving the eye over the piece. It either blocks the movement, or moves it off the page. So I may simplify it, or turn around to make it work. Also, looking at this as potential quilt...on that same left hand side... the one vertical band comes down but doesn't obscure all of the main arc... leaving a really awkward little spot. That needs to be simplified.. and it can be by moving the band a little. Lower right hand corner, if the circle is moved just a smidge, more of those "windows" will be indicated... again easier to construct. Just things like that... simplifying junctions with too many lines coming together... and adjusting shapes.

Now the medical lesson of the day... shingles typically lasts 4-6 weeks. I'm on meds to control/stop the rash part... but the itchiness/nerve pain is separate and that's what I'll be dealing with for a while. Residual nerve pain can continue for months. Shingles is the Chicken Pox virus (herpes zostrix?) that stays in the body after one has been infected (in my case.. at 7... too many days sitting in a tub of luke warm water with baking soda mixed in. And beginning a long-running affair with Calamine Lotion). In some people, stress and poor diet combine to "let" the virus come visit again... embedding itself along one nerve in the body and working it's charm.

The simple clues you have shingles: a rash, or a burning/itchy sensation that is only on one side of your body... usually your trunk but occasionally the head.

Now I know most of you great readers are not the crazed baseball fan that I pretend to be.. and do indeed become this time of year. So please bear with me.

Each division of the American League is down a battle for first place... and a major battle for the Wild Card team. The National League is far more settled. So WHY does ESPN continue with their overweighted coverage of NL baseball to the almost total exclusion (except of course those Damnable Yankees and Hated Angels... big market teams) of the AL???

Who cares about Pittsburgh? And if I wanted to watch the Braves.. they have their own friggin cable!! How about showing the White Sox/Indians game.. that, gosh, actually means something!!

(takes a deep breath)...
Just wait until October...

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