Friday, October 14, 2005


Last night I started drawing arches... big arches, medium arches, small arches... all overlapped and intertwined. Arches. It had something to do with something I saw on tv...but I don't remember what. I just know that in the middle of watching a tape, I had to go into my studio, grab my sketch book and work.

This is a new inexpensive sketchbook I picked up a couple weeks ago. It's got some dreadful scribbles in it, and some interesting stuff. I need to be willing to carry it with me more. Maybe a pretty bookcover like Deborah made will make me want to keep this book in my life more.

Don't know yet what/if/when I will do anything with the arches, but I was so pleased to have something jump into my eyeballs and that strong of an impression.

The sketch piece I showed a couple weeks ago is going to be made for the FiberArt SoCal Changing Perspectives challenge. Examining how we as individuals interact in our social environment will be an interesting piece. I'm thinking I will paint it on cotton sheeting, and paint the overlay circle pieces of either tulle or silk organza. I am working on a final sketch, and still trying to see if I can get the overlays to work the way I want. I may need to give up the overlay idea.

Sunday I'm heading down to PIQF with several friends. I will be looking for thread (variagated cottons) at the vendors. And spending lots of time studying the quilts. How cool is it that both DebR's are side by side? (do you think they planned it that way?)

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