Friday, October 07, 2005

A walk around the neighborhood

I was inspired by DebR's walk around their property earlier this week. So yesterday I grabbed the camera when I took both dogs for a walk around our neighborhood. It was 80F, 20% humidity and about 1 pm.


Katy gets "geared up" first, and hooked to the fence waiting for Jake and me. She knows a good walk is coming.

With both dogs in the lead, we leave our court and heading to Turquoise, the main street in our development. We will head downhill, and back up Emerald (that street coming in from the right up ahead).

Just past Emerald. The road is curvy.

Approaching Jade Court, then an open space. That is San Pablo Bay in the background.

A "melon" colored house with deep pink trim. Remarkably, considering my Midwest upbringing, I've gotten used to seeing this house and it doesn't look strange anymore.

We're heading down into all those houses...

Now a horticulture lesson. This is a Chinese Pistache (yes, it's related to the pistachio tree). It's guarenteed to give you fall color up to zone 10!!

Just past that streetlight up head we will be heading back uphill.

Here we are... bottom of Emerald and heading up to home.

Another Chinese pistache with a bit more color to it.

This house is worth $750,000. But it's a rental so nobody takes care of the outside. Aren't you glad this eyesore isn't next to you??

Jake, doing what dogs do on walks: sniffing.

OK. Pull your toes up toward your knees as high as will go. That's how steep this section of the walk is. But we're almost home.

Home again, home again. Jiggity-jig!!

If you've read carefully (or not so carefully)... when people refer to our "neighborhood" they call it what? (it even appears on the buses coming up the street...)

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