Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Good Mail Day and Dye Day

Yesterday was a good mail good... I got the Art Quilts, A Celebration book... and this wonderful package from DebL. . I tore it apart before I could take a picture of how pretty it was bundled.

The hand dyed fabric inspired me to finally soak and dye the linens I've had sitting in sewing room (see Scary Studio near the door. A large pile of white fabrics). I had offered these to Deb L., but I couldn't guarentee thier fiber content (and she wanted only cotton), so I decided to keep them for myself.

I mixed up some dyes, dribbled it on napkins and old tableclothes ala Johnston's parfait method. Then stuck them in a bucket to batch for a while. The colors are richer than they appear in this photo. Stay tuned for aftershots tomorrow.

I really should wear gloves when I work... but THING ABOUT ME #21: I hate wearing anything on my fingers.

Really, really hate anything on my fingers.

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