Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Onward and away...and Hacked!!

Phooey! don't ask me how.. but my blog was hacked Tuesday night. It was full of garbage and meaningless stuff. And it took me about 3 hours to recover it. I've decided to make a copy of the template and save it in a Word file just incase this happens again. What a pain.

I've spent the weekend staring at those experiments from last week. I learned from them... and I don't think I'm going to finish them off.

One piece was overstitched with zigzag only. On the larger fields, the stitching is too heavy. I've learned that I like a more open subtler stitching to enhance the fields.

On the other piece, I just could not cope with that wedge-and-cross shape. Nothing I could do to make that work. I've learned that I like the fields to be a bit more amorphous than those shapes were.

Now these experiments were related to the piece I showed a couple weeks ago...I'm trying to work out some the plans for this piece. So I'm taking my cut outs down and moving on to a couple other small experiments... playing with overlays and overlaying color.

I'm still "fine tuning" the drawing. I realized that the first drawing I posted had "rules" and I occasionally made an exception to the rule. That's what made it interesting. The eye understands the rules even if the rule isn't obvious.

In some of the middle pieces, I forgot what the rules were... and the outcome was chaos. In the second one I showed, I stuck to rules, without exception. Dull.

So I understand what worked and didn't work in designing the piece... now I need to make sure the message is there behind the lines. Then I need to find an overhead projector to make it larger...

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