Thursday, October 06, 2005

Experimental studies, 1 and 2.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned a watercolored piece I painted up. This is companion to the oil pastel piece I showed last month. I painted it all up (and THOUGHT I posted a picture, but I can't find it). I cut up the panel into several pieces, and fused the best parts to Peltex.

Then, what to do? So last week I had an inspiration that I've been playing with. Take a background piece of fabric that is not the same.. but similar. And place these cut up elements on top of the background fabric in such a way that the 2 seem to "have a conversation".

Part one of the experiment above. The background piece was quilted first. I played with placing elements on it before deciding that this was the one! But I haven't worked on what I've decided will be the foreground piece yet. It's just placed there.

I decided to play with the foreground elements first... so I started working on those. (this is an evolving process). I'm not overly fond of the "pie" piece above, but I'm not sure what to do with it. So for now it's hanging out here. The large piece on the upper right hasn't been stitched yet, so you can get a small idea what things look like "pure" and "stitched".

Well, that's not completely accurate. I've started stitching the gold, here. And you might be able to see that I will quilt in the continuation of the circle on the background.

Small piece, all stitched. The stitching isn't so dense that it obscured the "fuzzy" nature of the painting, but it does reinforce the shapes. I really need to snip those threads!!

The "pie" piece... with the elements stitched and the edges overstitched.
I hope to have both pieces completed (to the binding of the background) by Friday.

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