Saturday, October 01, 2005

Painted Shoes

First things first: I'm off to see SERENITY this afternoon!!! Review coming. I am such a happy browncoat today!!

Now to the real purpose of this blog. Painted shoes:

Don't remember if I've posted these before... or just promised to post them. But Serena mentioned painting shoes, so these need to be seen again. My "back yard" makes a great backdrop, too.

They are boots from GoodWill, painted with Jacquard acrylics and Lumiere paints. Just gussied up freehand until they said they were done. (yes, these are the shoes I wore to lunch with Gabrielle). They were inspired by the pair on the cover of Threads a year or so back.

And the reason for mentioning them now? I just got this pair from Zappos. They are QUARKS.. and that strange plasticy stuff that Crocs are made from. They are so plain... they are screaming for some gussying up. And since I told the other DebR that I would stand in for her at PIQF... these red shoes may be my "red shoes" at the show.

So, what would DebR paint on her shoes??? Spirals? Suns? Tarot card symbols??

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