Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dye Day show and tell.

The color is not perfect on these, but atleast you see a bit of the process. I soaked these in soda ash (ala Lazy Dyer's), then used Ann Johnston's parfait method to dye them. In this method, you dribble some dye on one piece, then layer a fabric over it and dribble a different color. As the colors are dribbled and sit together, the dye flows up and down the pieces. So all pieces in one "batch" should go together because they have common pieces. This is piece one.. a golden yellow (inspite of the fact that it looks really green here).

The second piece (looking a bit washed out) has all the yellow, but the red and blues from above are stronger.

Probably the third piece (but I didn't number them).

And, ofcourse because it's me, I had to fold and get shibori patterning involved in these.

Another shibori fold and dip piece...

And the BEST shibori piece.

Above are damask napkins (I think linen, but who knows when you buy them at funky antique shop?) These are those cheap white cotton napkins you get at linen outlet stores... usually 8 napkins and table runner for about $10.

The colors are more subtle than the damask, but quite pretty.

The damask table cloth dyed up. If nothing else, it will make a back for the napkins.

A close up of the damask.

A simple linen table cloth... with holes in it that made it unusable. It's pretty and soft. Would make a wonderful ruana(?) if they didn't look like sacks on me.

The difference between dyeing and painting for me? My fingers stay almost a normal color when I paint, but the dyeing seems faster.

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