Saturday, October 15, 2005

This is for you southern women...

I am a 2nd generation American woman of eastern european heritage. (this is an explanation or disclaimer). Our family in the US grew up in large midwestern town.

So I don't know how to cook greens. I have just had to fake it on my own.

Now I frequently eat chard for lunch, but I do it one way only and it's getting a bit boring.

Here's my technique:

I wash the leaves well, trim off the bottom of the stems, then chop the red chard up. I place it (still damp) in a warm frying pan and let it wilt. (about 3-5 minutes). Then I add a teaspoon of butter and a couple shakes of parmesan cheese. Plate and eat.

Just read on the "Healthiest foods ever" website (thank you Mary Beth), that they suggest boiling it!! You boil greens?? Doesn't that make them yucky like spinach??

So those who know... how should I cook my red swiss chard?

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