Friday, October 28, 2005

Simple Still Life... October.

Blogger is FIXED, but I just remembered that I uploaded this a while ago.

My simple still life for October, was the toothy pumpkin votive:

I wasn't very invested in doing something creative with this, but I downloaded a copy of the Kalieder software to play with again. Kalieder lets the use choose a photo, and a number of filters which manipulate the image. It's kind of like have multiple kalaidescopes to view a picture with.

Used my toothy pumpkin photo as the starting point here are four images I created.

This is the first part of the mandala image below. I started with "puddling mirror" image.

Then I superimposed a kalaidescope angle to get the image below. Doesn't this look like an "arts and craft" style print? Kind of William Morris-ey?

A simple image...

A mandala. I so want to print this out and bead parts of it...

Actually, playing with this program is as addictive as eating potato chips!!

The guidelines for November are up at the Simple Still Life site... if you'd like to play, go over, read them, and join in.

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