Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Quizling Sunday on Wednesday.

Art or Fake?

This quiz is not set up for publication on a blog... no cute little report to cut and paste... but an interesting quiz nonetheless. I got an 83% (?)... two wrong.

Today I'm heading to our regional Quilt Council meeting in the morning. Not quite sure what the program is (how to find information about?... but I'll go, take notes and report to my guild). This afternoon I'm baking fruit cakes, and cutting flannel for new lap quilts. Hey, if heating bills go up we need new quilts! Then I'm cheering for the Astros.

Somewhere in there I will be doing some more experimenting with layering and stitching to get the color blending I want to see...

And gathering materials for AQT.

Anyone else going to be joining LizB and I there second session?

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