Monday, April 03, 2006

And Answers

#1. If you could choose a name for yourself, other than the one you have, what would it be?

Gretchen. Gretchen March. Gretchen because it was my familiar nickname as a kid, and atleast every 5th female born in the 50s wasn't named that; March because since I read Little Women in 4th grade, I've imagined myself the fifth (and unknown) March girl.

Either that or Lillian Jade. It's a very melodic name, but I have trouble thinking of myself as a Lillian.

#2. If I really wanted to annoy someone, I would continually do this:

(OK, did anyone point out that this isn't a question???)

Correct their grammar.

#3 What's the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

Yeah, I'm going to tell you!! Let's just say I got home from work that day and burned the dress!!

Another one of the most memorable embarrassing things I've done is wear a dayglo orange to Sunday mass at our huge church. On St. Patrick's Day.

#4. How many jokes do you know by heart?

None. Though if you tell the joke, I can screw up the punchline!!

#5. What are you most neurotic about?

Most neurotic?? Who says I'm neurotic?? What have you heard?? Yeah. I'm most neurotic about the idea of people talking about me behind my back.

#6. If you were to give yourself a creative title for your personal business card, what would it say?

The last creative title I stole for myself: TechnoMage. One who uses technology to create magic. (I'm offering a prize to the person who can name the TV show this came from, because I don't remember the name!!)

Ok, my friend SongBert reminded me of the correct name: Crusade. It was the short-lived off-shoot program from Babylon 5.

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