Monday, April 10, 2006

I can't afford the ticket..

back to Suffragette City!! But the clerks in Safeway are probably thinking about springing for one for me.

Today my MP3 player is loaded with oldies going back to the 60's.... I pulled a muscle in my thigh yesterday, so I'm hobbling around and these old songs are about the only thing to lift my mood. Well, that and the sun is shining at the moment.

Anyway, I'm listening to music so I don't whine and it means I was walking around the grocery store doing my shopping and singing to myself. Outloud. Most of the help in the store was born after these songs were popular, so I'm sure they found it (how do I put this?) amusing. Yeah, that's the word. (I will not say psycho.. or strange.. or demented.. that won't come til I'm maybe in my 70s....)

Songs in the store:

"It Feels Like the First Time" boston;
"American Pie" Don McLean
"Evil Ways"Santana
"Let's Give Them Something To Talk About" Bonnie Raitt... well, that one was appropriate!!

Where was all the Los Lonely Boys stuff?? Much later in the mix...

Anyway, atleast it was a short trip and long songs this time...

But I swear if they played some of this music over the speakers in the store, they'd have the customers dancing in the aisles.

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