Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Something Goofy

Ya know how I talk about having adventures with a couple friends where we ALWAYS seem to eat Thai? Well one of them (Janice) just returned from viewing the eclipse in Egypt and we are planning our next adventure.. but a couple weeks ago the two of us who remain who here spent an hour investigating the new JoAnne's ETC.

It's not worth much more time. There is even less fabric then has been in the traditional JoAnne's that are all being replaced. Thank goodness I rely on StoneMountain and Daughter for my fabric purchases!!

Anyway, I brought my camera with me.. and remembered to use it a little. Here are Judy and I trying on what may be our Easter Bonnets. Judy is such a clown!! That's what I love about her. Later we found more goofy hats.

Mine (We think it was a pink alien) just didn't turn out... but Judy seems rather apropos for the
We followed up the stop at JoAnne's with lunch at a newly opened Vietnamese restaurant (Judy thought it was Thai, and the menu didn't look very different). Lunch was OK but I took some home and realized that is smelled like any Chinese takeout I bring home (this was supposed to be a Lemon chicken thing.. and I never tasted any lemon). So I probably won't return.

After Lunch, we headed for a quilt store. I picked up a couple yards of background stuff there and got home just as the heaven's opened up for the day.

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