Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Inspiration for PINK

DebL. asked if the collage photo yesterday came from my yard. That collage is heavenly.. this is the reality. Most of the flowers I took are in this shot. Really. There is the green clump with the pink tubular flowers that the hummers like, the clematis, and the peach tree.

Except the geraniums which are peaking out here. In front of them are a just beginning to leaf out lilac, a pink oleander, some lavender and some lantana. None blooming.

A better picture of the clematis (which refuses to climb the lattice and which blooms off-season I think) and the peach tree/shrub. It will get 4' tall.

Oh, Look!! It's about to rain again!! What a unique experience lately!!

Now a wierd question... Is anyone else using Netscape (not Firefox) to post to your blog? And does it hang up for you? I have both browsers on my desktop but usually open Netscape because it automatically opens my mailbox; for the last 2 weeks, when I try to post here from Netscape the program becomes unresponsive and must be closed. I'm waiting to hear from the Help folk, but it might be as long as a month til I hear from them.

Interesting, I can't comment on a blogger-comment page using netscape either...Really wonder if it's something on my end or bloggers...
Just asking if others are having the same problem.

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