Sunday, April 16, 2006

Let's Pack Up and Move Toward the Fun

If it's Sunday, it must be time for fun and games..

First the weekly quiz:

You Belong in Amsterdam

A little old fashioned, a little modern - you're the best of both worlds. And so is Amsterdam.
Whether you want to be a squatter graffiti artist or a great novelist, Amsterdam has all that you want in Europe (in one small city).

Secondly, for the Spring Resurrection Celebrations... two games:

One from my friend Stan lets you play miniature golf without the corndogs, the whiney kid behind you or the overly competitive father in front who hoots when he beats his 5 year old daughter. I think the best I've done is 5 over par. The worst won't be mentioned.

And the fabulous blogger Pam of Beancounterscame up with a fabulous game: Eggrun. Oddly, I find the "harder" courses easier to handle than the "easy" one... but I'm not posting a score.

Seriously addictive fun both!! Listen to egg yell when you accidently have it jump into oblivion.

And in the vein of planning ahead.. I will be Calgary in a couple weeks.. if anyone lives nearby or can recommend things to do while I'm there, I'd appreciate it. I will be on my own from rising until about 5:30 pm.

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