Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Down to the "T"

A number of the ladies attending BlogHer this summer are beginning to plan some wardrobe options. Tshirts from their blog or other blogs.

I've decided that I want... NO NEED.. to take some of older tshirts with stains on them, discharge them, maybe soywax batik them, dye them?? Paint them?? Overdye them?

Anyway, I need to make my own shirts for the couple days.. and maybe make a few more to sell while I'm there. (No I won't be selling old, stained shirts). And I need to figure out how to get my blogname on my tshirt. I really need to visit Dharma (though I can't do it today)...

Shopping list:

some discharge paste
some tshirts?
some cotton socks (shirts and socks to match.. who could resist?)
Check my dyes..

What else??

Today I am headed to the regional quilt council meeting. I'm actually looking forward to the program: planning a guild/mini-group retreat. And I may get to meet Annie Smith of Quilting Stash podcast!!

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