Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What I'm Reading

I do most of my reading in the bath each morning. I realized that I just wasn't setting aside a time to read, and establishing this works for me. Run a bath and read until I've read atleast one chapter or the water's gotten cold.

At the moment I'm reading Fool Moon, book two of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. These are "light, fluffy" novels about a Private Investigator Harry Dresden in Chicago who happens to be a wizard. One friend describes them as "harry potter all grown up" but I think that's a bad deal for both series. First, this series was started before Potter hit the world; second.. they are very different universes. Dresden lives in a more real world and most of his problems are dealing with the world we know, when he knows there is more there. They are good fast simple reads.

Anyway, there is one character in this series.. the author writes that she's a small tough woman of Irish decent. But as I read the books, I can't help seeing and hearing Chandra Wilson as this character!! Yep, Dr. Bailey from Grey's Anatomy!! If they ever decide to DO SOMETHING with this book, I hope casting directors listen. This is your Murphy even if she written this way.

We are talking about going away for a couple days this weekend (weather depending) and if we go, I'm going to pack Ruth Reichl's Tender At the Bone. It looks like it would be a good "read aloud" book when we're driving, though Steve has a major problem with that idea.

Ruth was food critic for the NYT, and a writer for Gourmet magazine. This tells about her starting to cook because her mother was "The Queen of MOLD".

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