Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursday ToDo's/Dharma Redux

1. Walk dogs. Yesterday was long and flat; today 2 miles with some terrain. A walk around the block. Then 30-45 minutes of arms/back/stomach exercises.

2. Finish installing the drip irrigation system in the garden. Plant summer veggies. Test irrigation system.

3. Clean up mess on studio work table, prep fabric for first tree quilt and the clothes from Dharma.

Now to the questions:

Did I spend a fortune? NO. I have dyes; I did need some more soda ash. I picked up some discharge paste. I also picked up 1 tank top, 2 T-shirts, one Hawaiian top and a skirt. Most items that they carry in the catalog (clothes-wise) they have AT MOST one in each size in the store. The exception is the standard HANES-style T-shirts.

Did I pick up anything really cool? Nope. Really, they pretty much have just have the basics in the store. I looked for some yarn to knit myself a summer tank top; must get over the sticker shock that a simple top like that will cost me about $50 in yarn.

Do they have a good selection of the silks they sell online? The yardage?? I avoided the yardage room. Don't need any at the moment. As far as the silk accessories and clothing they have almost none in the store. That's pretty much catalog only.

Oh, I bet it was fun! It was fun because I was there with friends. I went to check the sizing on a couple of their T-shirts. For ordering supplies, it's more successful to order by catalog.

After Dharma, we headed to Pumpkin Seed Quilts. I got see the Los Hilos quilts hanging in the shop and read their stories. Both of the other gals bought there, but I don't think I bought anything. (did I?? hmmm) Lunch at a Chinese restaurant (I had lettuce wraps). Back to look at photos from Egypt.

Great day, good fun with goofy gals.

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