Monday, April 03, 2006

From Sucking Bilge Water To a Colorful Conclusion

Ok, I had a couple ideas for the Ricky Tims thing... Nice line drawings... yucky executed in color and fabric. I tried it a couple ways.

The main idea: come up a nice "landscape" of a Tuscan/NoCal. kind of countryside... with a terraced vineyard, an olive grove and a road winding through and all this and up and around a hillside. Then close up pieces of the olive grove and the terraced vineyard. (and future pieces possible from dividing the picture up different ways).

Let's just say, great idea, dreadful execution. Interesting line drawings in black and white; dreadful colored in. Yeah, I even thought about doing them as black/white line drawings.

So anyway, the rules said to abstract the ideas... so I am really abstracting thing. I've painted up some nice background fabrics... and will abstract the ideas from there.

The piece to the left is the plain fabric painted as one piece. Today I cut it into pieces, fused it to some TimTex and quilting it (to represent the ground and the sky). The left piece will be Fields of Gold; the middle, Winding Way; the right, Tree of Life. And this picture is sideways.

I need to bead these pieces with the symbols that will represent these objects. (that should take me a day or two), and zigzag finish the edges.

OK.. a question. I cropped and edited this piece in Picasa. So why isn't saved cropped?? And how do you SAVE an edited image from Picasa? There isn't a "save" option. So why, when I view the pictures in my "My Pictures" folder, are the changes from Picasa not saved?

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