Friday, April 14, 2006

I Have Almost No Hair Left

For most of the winter I've been trying to grow my hair a bit longer. Thinking that I could get back to my old "wedgey" kind of hair style. One problem, though. My hair grows forward... toward my face. So when I sit down to work, it falls into my face.

After minutes/hours/days of frustration pushing a piece back or away, I'd grab my scissors and whack it off. (yep, thinking Bong is gonna hate me. She's my hairsylist). Last night I talk with myself:

Self: what's up with your hair?? Either you need to cut it short or you need to stop trying to create bangs that go almot back to your neckline.

So I searched online for short haircuts, found a website that will take your face shape and search for the haircut, and took their advice. I printed off 3 pictures and visited Bong today. She asked which one of the three I wanted. I told her to me they were all the same cut, just styled a bit differently.

Bong that these each had distinct differences. That's why she's the stylist. We kind of decided on the middle of the three as more workable for me. Now if only she could style me that chin!!

Anyway, she wielded her scissors and comb.. and I now have a summer weight hair style that will not fall into my eyes.

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