Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Dharma bound

We three goofballs (Me, Judy and Janice fresh back from the Egyptian eclipse) are heading over to San Rafael today. We are going to Dharma Trading and to Pumpkin Seed Quilt store. I want to see the display of quilts by Los Hilos (check their blog out from my blogroll).

all of those who are now incredibly envious.. how about I take pictures of Dharma so you can be surprised? (shocked? awed?). Do you know that the front half of their store is a yarn shop??

I've worked out the idea for the t-shirts... I already have the dye but I need a couple chemicals. and a couple shirts. And I think I need to take the class at the art center on screening tshirts. Maybe not. Maybe that's getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, I'm going to make a couple shirts (probably asking Gerrie to make me screens.. maybe figuring it out for myself)... as a test run. With "pithy" sayings.

What pithy sayings you query?

Do!! Tell!!
blog your art

What do you think? I have another concept, but I think I'll design those for a cafepress shirt and totebag. It's a bit more "generic".

Yeah, sounds like I'm learning to do a screen printing.

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