Sunday, April 02, 2006

Opening of the Season

We spent the day doing chores: grocery shopping, vacuuming and dusting. And I also went to Papa Murphy's to pick of the traditional "opening day of a sports season" pizza. They make a really nice fresh, uncooked pizza which you take home and bake in your own oven. And the will put most of the cheese on one side, so I don't have to deal too much with the effects of eating dairy.


Pizza came out of the oven just as Jon Miller began introducing the night's event: Tommy's Chicago White Sox vs. My Cleveland Indians.

Go TRIBE!! My time of cheering for the White Sox is over until and unless they remain in the October playoffs longer than the Tribe does.

Let me just say, it's really strange to see Jim Thome playing in the game... and trying to beat Cleveland.

The game is scoreless, and I will go before now and watch.

Baseball has begun...Life is good again.

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