Saturday, April 22, 2006

Outside ToDo UPdate

It's 1 pm on Saturday; a thick layer of potential rain clouds is sliding in.

I have weeded the original veggie terrace-bed and the old flower/new veggie terrace bed.

I have also spread amendments over the surfaces and dug it in. The new bed is raked smooth and the tall support ladders are spaced for tomatoes.

The old bed needs to be raked but my bad shoulder is telling me that I can't do it today; maybe not at all. Hopefully I can talk the spouse into doing it for me.

I still need to lay check/fix/layout the drip irrigation system and lay out and build a new footpath.

As much as DebR. loves the flagstone that surrounds our spa.. it doesn't work for the path going down to the gardens. (I put it there when I built the spa flagstone area). I think the slope encourages the dirt to wash through. Anyway, the stones disappeared within a year or so.

This time I'll dig the path deeper, lay down some weedblock and fill the path with small river pebbles. My back and shoulders are already smiling at the thought of carrying bags of these stones...

I also need to bug the spouser to rebuild the steps going down. At the moment, they are only 24" wide. Way too narrow when you've pots or produce throwing off your balance. Can't tell you the number of times I've almost fallen down the steps. So wider, in this case, will be better.

By next weekend I hope to be able to start planting out my veggies; it's normally near the back end of time to plant stuff out (my neighbor traditionally plants out her tomatoes on 3/15), but the rainy weather has pushed everything back a month.

Wasn't it late January/early February that I was concerned that things were a month ahead? That will teach me.

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