Thursday, April 06, 2006

Attention Left Coasters.

Tuesday I headed down to The Claremont in Berkeley to check out the classes from the inaugural session of Art Quilt Claremont. Lots of work happening in those classes!!

The instructors who "made the cut" were Jane Dunnewold, Elizabeth Barton, Katie Pasquini-Masopust, and Terrie Mangat. (they had enough students for the classes to go). There was intensive work going on in every classroom.

And here's the important news for us left-coasters. Among the instructors for next year is:


I signed up for her class while I was there.

Now the website won't be updated for a while, so you can't go there yet and sign up, but if you've wanted to take a class from her, this is a good chance!! As a bonus, Gerrie and I will be there!! Check out Gerrie's blog for updates from this week. Heck, if you don't live on the left-coast, come out for the workshop anyway!! It can't be as rainy next year as it's been this year, can it??

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