Thursday, April 13, 2006

For Future Posts, Ask and You Shall Receive.

This is an idea I'm taking from another blog...Though I do not know if it was begun for the reason.

Often I'm completely uninspired about something to write about. I either babble or stick in a quiz or meme to take up the space. I'm resisting the almost daily challenges (SPT, IF, Alphabet Soup, etc..) I'd like to do something different. So I am opening this up to the readers for my inspiration. Putting this blog in your hands in a way.

You can ask me any question, and when I have no worthwhile inspiration of my own, I will carefully and thoughtfully answer your question. Check out some of the questions given to Scheherazade. I won't write about being a lawyer or a sailing coach because I've never been.

So I'm challenging you. Email me with a question that has been niggling away at your psyche. Whenever I am dull and flat and without inspiration, I will take inspiration from you, search out the answers to your questions and post a (hopefully witty and telling) post.

Another similar challenge you can do: Tell me what to photograph.

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