Friday, May 13, 2005

working on the creative self

I found some great "self help" sites courtesy of Mary Beth Goodman's blog.

The first are STRATEGIES FOR BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM. 12 suggestions for become a more self-confident you. I am STILL working on #1: Free yourself of "shoulds".

Secondly, The Occupational Adventure begins with a list of 13 SELF-DEFEATING TIPS. My favorite: 7. Assume often and negatively, making yourself as miserable as possible. This is a list I should send to my hubby. He needs it, but he'd hate getting it from me.

Thirdly, (and new for this blogring, I think) is How to Stay Focused. The three main keys to staying focused are Planning, Questioning and Removing Distractions.

I do the first pretty well, making a to do list for the next day each evening. I try to keep the list to 5 things that should be done. Too long a list is just self-defeating.

Questioning my actions and removing distractions... that I need work on. As I sit here writing on my blog during those precious daylight hours when I could be sewing.

Hm.. question: am I focusing on my objective? No.

What distractions could I remove from my immediate environment? uhm... the computer on my lap??

Oh well...


Cathy said...

I love Kevin's writing(get his newsletter), his stories are usually helpful in dealing with my life's stuff.

Rayna said...

I am beyond help...especially self-help!