Sunday, April 24, 2005

A challenge for next week...

Wanna join me??

I WAS going to take the cue from Sonji and do a quilt a week next week. Then reality set in. My RL quilt guild is having it's show next weekend (if you are in the bay area, drive over to Benicia and see us. I'll be there Sunday.). Do I really want to be working on small quilts when getting ready for show? (not to mention that I'm setting up all day Friday.)


However... I can spend a few minutes every morning and paint up a new piece of fabric. Not anything very large.. but someting close to a half yard piece every day. Paint, set out to dry (or let sit inside if it's raining), clean up and good to go. About a half hour or so...

So I will taking on THIS task next week. One piece of fabric a day. Oh, yeah, and since Friday is a day of long hard physical labor... I'll be running Sunday to Thursday.

If you wish to play, too, leave a comment here and I'll try to link blogs together.

Then maybe a week or so later I'll use these for a quilt a day. Or maybe not.

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Sonji Hunt said...

Ahh, you read my mind or did I say I was going to do this someplace in my ramblings?

I started yesterday, Debra, but I wasn't going to post all my pictures until Friday or Saturday. I'll be painting more than one piece a day, too. When I paint, I'm SERIOUS especially if I have to get messy. I'd better paint a lot!