Tuesday, April 19, 2005

WHAT'S SPECIAL TODAY? Or, a new diet/exercise program

This week I am starting a new diet/exercise program. It's predicated on an old idea.

When my grandmother was in her 40s, her doctor diagnosed her with arthritis. He told her she would be in a wheelchair before she turned 50, so start looking for a suitable house. (she lived in a 3 story duplex). Instead, 4 days a week, she walked from W. 65th to W. 25th and the Cleveland West Side Market. This is a TREASURE of Cleveland... but that's not the point.

Each day, she bought the freshest food for supper that night. And, most importantly, she moved and did weight bearing exercise every day. When she died at 83, she was only in a wheelchair because the Alzheimers took away her memory of how to walk (and where to go).

I live on the top of the hill. At the bottom of the hill is a grocery store. It's 1.3 miles each direction. So ATLEAST 3 DAYS EACH WEEK, I will pick up a lightweight knapsack, and head down to the store. Then ask myself: what is special today?

That is, what is on special.. or what is the freshest... what should I cook today? I'll load the items in my backpack and walk back uphill. Close to 3 miles of walking (given moving through the aisles of the store)... and half of it up a steep hill. Really steep. Like 30% inclines.

I will eat fresh and healthy food. I will get exercise. And, because I'll only be eating what I physically carry uphill, I will eat lightly. (giggles).

Oh, yeah.. if you ever go to the West Side Market, stop and pick up some pork from Max Wulff. He and I went to elementary school together.


Liz said...

Hi Debra,

GO GIRL!! Have fun and take a camera and post the pics on your blog - I love looking at where other people live. Just had a great time following the links from the Cleveland market website. We have a market like that where I live - it's brilliant. I LOVE walking round town.


Cathy said...

Good on you Debra! Walking has been a big part of my recovery. It makes a huge difference not only in how I feel but how I think. I've also been doing general stretching and some quigong(is it spelled right?)