Friday, April 15, 2005

So What's Next (almost)

I thought I was done piecing this... until I looked closely at this picture. That upper lefthand corner is definately NOT STRAIGHT. Looks like some ripping and redoing is in order.  Posted by Hello

I SO enjoyed the partial seams and such on this piece (NOT). But having a quilt with no seam that goes completely across this piece is an important thing for me.

Now about what's next. This piece is being construction for the Viking challenge, with the theme Art Takes Shape. This background is the very geometric type of shape. Over this I want to add organic elements.

At the moment, I'm leaning toward cutting lots of eucalyptus leaves out (fusing front and back together) with wire or fireline or string at the stem. Probably NOT string. The these get stitched, and loosely attached to the piece. Some may be more classically appliqued down.. but I really want these leaves to be able to move. Maybe add some of fringed "blossoms" that show on the last photo.

So after I straighten out the top, I'll baste it to the batting and stitch in the ditch. Then do most of the quilting on the squares (branches and leaves. While I'm doing this (since I've admitted that I hate working long on the quilting) I will be making the leaves. And I'll attach a few to see if it works like I hope it will. Then attach all the leaves, pillowturn the backing and do Melody's escape hatch closing.

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Sonji Hunt said...

Be daring (or lazy, whichever you prefer) and leave it lopsided.