Sunday, April 10, 2005

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure
Dianne has asked us to admit our guilty pleasures. First, I'll admit that I was going to ignore this request... just pretend that I missed the original post. But people are responding and actually admitting thing. And, heck, my guilty pleasures can't be that much worse. Besides, I think it would be cheating now to not admit something.

One guilty pleasure that I'm not resistant to post. The Oakland As have cheap baseball games on Wednesdays. You can get into the park on basically a general admission ticket for $2. Plus $1 hotdogs and cokes (not that I eat either one of those...). The biggest cost of the day is the BART ticket there and back. I love to take BART, walk into the park, sit in the sun on the 2nd deck and watch a game. Alone or with someone. Doesn't matter. I don't even wear sunscreen. (I tan very quickly and easily). With "encouragement" from Sonji, I may even score the game this year.

Now that guilty pleasure that I do not admit to ANYONE... you have to promise not to mention this to a soul.

takes a very deep breath....

looks for that tiny font setting...

I watch STARTING OVER while eating my lunch during the week.

There, I've said it. And I don't feel so terribly bad getting that out in the open. But I'll take bets on how long this stays posted before I edit it or pull it completely.


Carol Logan Newbill said...

Can you post in HTML? To make the tiny font, just type <small> <small> in front of the text and </small> </small> behind it.

I've already confessed that I don't watch TV (except, of course, for my Guilty Pleasure.) So what's "Starting Over?"

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

So what the heck is Starting Over? Never heard of it and I could always use another guilty pleasure :-)

Deb R said...

Raising my hand here as another person who has never heard of "Starting Over". Whatever it is, if it's another person's guilty pleasure, then I'd probably like it! ;-)

Sonji Hunt said...

I was addicted to watching Starting Over for the longest time, then I just got sick of it. I think that I admitted to watching it in a post one time. It's like a form of self-therapy, which can't be bad, but then it sometimes gets silly.