Monday, April 18, 2005

The Universe Listens

This is final pieced top (I hope). I added a real branch of eucalyptus leaves to kind of give the impression of what I'm going for... only moreso than this. Or should I go more abstract than this??? Posted by Hello

Anyway, about the Universe listening... The previous photo was taken when I hung the piece on one of the garage doors (they are white and face north... great for digital photographs.

While I was getting ready to snap the photo, my next door neighbor returned home. She slammed on the brakes to admire the piece and talk a bit. It turns out that Eri is taking art classes at the local commmunity college. Her instructors encourage the students to display work around the region, and give them lists of local exhibits. She loves her classes... but admits that the difference between Western art and her native Eastern art (she's Japanese) often makes her head ache.

Anyway, we talked art a bit, she gave me the brochure for the college and promises me her call for entry list. We hope to go together to see some of the work in the future. See? I ask to connect with another "learning to be an artist" of a certain age... and find she's living next door.

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