Friday, April 01, 2005

This photo is more ominous than the actual sunset was. It was so glowing and orange! This is for those readers who only read blogs with pictures.  Posted by Hello

I finished up 2 old quilts yesterday for the guild quilt show at the end of the month. These are not terribly exciting pieces to me. Both are stars.

One is a Lone Star using the fusible piecing technique from QuiltSmart. The other is designed on the 54-50 or fight block. In black/white and yellow. They are nice quilts, but they don't excite anything me in. But atleast they are done. (well, if I get inspired the Lone star could use more quilting. But there's a sleeve on it now that will have to removed.. so more quilting won't happen until next month). They are wrapped around a pool noodle not getting wrinkled.

The vessels pieces are trimmed, layered and pillow-turned. Now I've got to finish the quilting before the quilt show.


Scrapmaker said...

What a wonderful view to have from your house! Re the finishing up of old pieces that don't excite you anymore, I can relate. I must have 100 or more...Jen

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

pool noodles... I thought we were the only ones who called them that!

Congrats on getting stuff finished, even if it doesn't excite you any more. When I finish something it gives me a positive feeling, even if it's only "traditional quilting"... teehee.

Sonji Hunt said...

Baseball baseball baseball.

This has nothing to do with what you wrote, Debra. I just thought it would make you laugh.