Friday, April 22, 2005

Favorite Spaces

We were talking about favorite rooms. I think it's obvious here the favorite spot for the dogs in the house. Fortunately, we ordered this furniture with slipcovers, so I just take them off, launder them, and replace. And I have 2 sets.. a winter set (these dark green velvet) and summer set of khaki canvas. Posted by Hello

Teri mentioned that these dogs were very relaxed. This was taken about an hour after we returned from a walk in Pt. Isobel dog park. Two miles of chasing balls, sniffing friends (about 150 in the park that day), splashing through puddles and the bay, grazing on the field greens... all followed by a hosing off. VERY tiring play for a dog.


teri springer said...

Them's two VERY relaxed puppies!!


Nikki said...

LOL, I do this too, only my "issue" is superfine black cat hair. I have deep red chenille for winter and pale green damask for summer.

Also, thanks for the book recommendation. I found Prodigal Summer at the library and it looks perfect for the first porch-sitting weekend of the year. I loved Enchantment and the Foundation books...