Monday, April 04, 2005

Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter

Wouldn't you buy a tomato plant if it had this name?? Wouldn't you buy almost anything with this name??

I went to my favorite nursery the other day and picked up my summer veggies. Three tomato plants, 2 cukes, some sweet basil, and a pepper. (it's a very small garden).

While looking at the choices of tomatoes, I picked this one up. The story goes that a farmer was about to lose his farm. To get a little rapid cash, he sold the plants of his biggest and best tasting tomato. He ended up getting enough cash to pay off his mortgage.

My Dell laptop yesterday. I was planning on backing up all the files I had on it, as I knew it was dying. It sensed my fear, and it's eventual replacement and died early just to spite me. So I've lost passwords, bookmarks and lots of other stuff.

Today I bought a new laptop (a nice little HP model that set itself up so quickly!!) Now I have to start asking places to send me reminders of my passwords, and my log ins, etc.

But I've got the prospect of these 3# tomatoes in the summer to keep me happy.
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Scrapmaker said...

What a great name! Nothing like fresh tomatoes...we have had our early girls and big boys in for a month now. Can't wait to taste "real" tomatoes again. Scrapmaker Jen aka Lazy Gardener