Thursday, April 07, 2005

Gabrielle's homework assignment

Gabrielle has been sharing her class at Asilomar with us on her blog.

And she gives her classes homework assignments!! I've listed the assignments so far... feel free to provide your answers. (I'm still thinking about it and will post them later).

example of assignments:

--Pick 5 words that describe the creative process.

--Two words. One describes where you are an artist, the other where you want to be.

--And... a great one: Conceptualizing a piece before you begin:

Size: what general size should the work be
format: Horizontal, vertical, circular, square or irregular.
approach: repeated blocks, individual image..
Style: realisitc, abstract.

I think I will try to adopt this plan when I'm planning on beginning a new piece.

Like the eucalyptus piece:

size: 51" x 51" (aiming for the Viking challenge)
format: square.
approach: block pieced background with work attached on top
style: abstract


Carol Logan Newbill said...

Thanks for mentioning the homework assignments. has not shown Gabrielle updating in several days, so I missed her entire week at Asilomar.

I also tried to comment on this post yesterday, but Blogger was sulking again.

I'm really not ignoring you. I promise.

gabrielle said...

What a great start on your new piece...can't wait to see your other answers to the homework.