Monday, April 11, 2005


If there is any computer guru out there who can help me, I'd appreciate it.

I often download (save) images from the web to my desktop. These are simply jpegs.

My *()_)(*& new computer with Windows XP saves all these .jpegs in netscape. Don't want that. Just saving them as images would be fine. (I think my old computer had this as image preview...). But I figure out how to set the computer to DO THIS.

This is what I hate about most new programs. They treat the "average" person like a true idiot and HIDE HOW THINGS WORK. So you either need a Masters in EE, or a 13 year old nearby. Don't have either one of those.

First person who can tell me where the simple preferences of dealing with files can be found in XP wins a prize.


deb said...

I can probably help, but lets do it through email.

Gerrie said...

This is why I am a Mac addict because I am not treated like an idiot!!

Anonymous said...

If you didn't already get help on this, I "might" be able to assist.
I save images all the time to the my pictures section on my computer.
e-mail me if you need to.